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With access directly from the national road EN125, between Lagoa and Porches, you will find the Sand City enclosure and its large and easy-access car parking with more than 300 parking spaces, also for buses.

There are more than 50,000 square meters of open-air exhibition and more than 120 different sculptures to be seen on foot or in a small electric buggy that is available for hire inside the exhibition grounds in our shop.

Comfortable footwear is advised for walking on uneven surfaces such as sand and gravel, which also presents some degree of difficulty in the mobility of strollers.

Sand City, as the name implies, is almost like an authentic city, with some size and several paths built with sand. Therefore, and because cars are also part of mobility in cities, we have electric buggies available for hire at the exhibition grounds that make the Tour of the Worlds in the Sand City even more fun.

One of the exhibition's complements in the Sand City enclosure, is an area under a charismatic dome structure dedicated to sand sculpture activities, where both the youngest and the oldest, can give free rein to their imagination and try to create a sand sculpture. This is a free, unmonitored space, available during all Sand City opening hours.

Because many families are also made up of their beautiful companion animals, Sand City allows them to be part of the visit, as long as they are on a leash and if necessary a muzzle, and the owners have a spare bag to catch any waste that may happen during the visit. We appreciate your attention so that your pet is already relieved with its needs, in order to avoid this happening at Sand City exhibition grounds. In the enclosure, if you forgot and need a bag for this purpose, you can request it on-site, at our store.

Scattered around the enclosure there are areas that invite to contemplation and relaxation, with tables and benches in the shade, to sit and observe the surroundings of the sculptures, as well as some plants and flowers that inspire and spread color throughout the exhibition grounds.
In the Sand City enclosure, you can also relax and stay longer (depending on the time of year), in a small snack bar where you can find some light meals, cold drinks, or a simple coffee.
It's not allowed to bring any food or drinks inside the Sand City enclosure.

Sand City snack-bar is open from JULY to NOVEMBER (more info soon)

Sand City has a Fish-Spa service where our “doctor” fish will do wonders for your feet, enhancing relaxation and a feeling of lightness and well being.

Nothing like a souvenir of the time you spent with us, acquiring an original Sand City souvenir, or any item you may need during your visit to our city of sand, or something to use on your holidays in the Algarve. Right after entering our enclosure, you will find our store, where besides the articles, you can watch videos of the construction of the sculptures, as well as other curiosities and get information about complementary paralell activities, that may take place in the enclosure. 
Here you can also call a taxi to take you to your accommodation.

For visitors with reduced mobility, the floor of the enclosure presents some degree of difficulty, as it has areas of looser sand and areas with gravel. In these cases, depending on vacancy and weather conditions, Sand City offers a few minutes of free use of our electric buggy so that everyone can visit the exhibition of the sand sculptures (more information on-site in our store).

SAND CITY AMAZING, prepare to be dazzled.
fish spa
Fish spa -
Wonders at your feet
Originated in Turkey, the “Garra Rufa” or “Medical Fish”, is about renewing the skin of your feet, contributing to a well-being in this body area so often neglected by us.By putting their feet in the tank, the fish of this peculiar species that has no teeth, suck the dead cells in the skin, sometimes causing exhilarating sensations for those who are sensitive.Smooth skin and stimulation of blood circulation are some of the most immediate effects for those who use this type of foot skin regenerating treatment.
snack bar
Snack Bar -
A stop to rest
You can't leave without visiting our Snack Bar, a mandatory stop after returning from your tour around our sandy world, to make a pause and enjoy the exhibition, to have a drink, hot or cold, with a light meal full of flavor. From June to November, indulge in sweets and savory snack foods, typical of Portuguese cuisine.
Store -
Take a souvenir
A must-visit place at our sand city, where you can choose an original souvenir to give as present or an item so you don't forget your visit to the largest exhibition of its kind in the world. Here you can also watch several videos about the construction of the current exhibition as well as other from previous editions.
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